Lost In Translation but drawn together
they found themselves entangled in a playful flirtation she couldn't shake the feeling of longing that lingered in the air fantasizing of sun-drenched escapades and stolen moments she found herself lost in a daydream
Lost In Translation

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Lost In Translation is a story about life the feels real only during the weekends. Keyboard typing and paper rustling merge into a single monotonous sound, the volume of which increases by the minute, driving her crazy. Stolen moments get tired of reaffirming their existence and fall silent in exhaustion.

Her only salvation is an escape into a fantasy world, into another sweltering evening in an unknown southern city, into a small room with a ceiling fan that senselessly disperses the thick, hot air. The city outside the window lives, breathes and laughs with the voices of tourists. Slightly intoxicated with the smell of sunscreen, she loses the ability to distinguish the days of the week - as if they had any meaning here. That guy from the beach.. She wonders if she'll see him tomorrow? ...typing...